• How do you pronounce Frive?


  • What do I get for swiping through images?

You earn 1 Credit for every image that you swipe through.

  • What are Credits and what do I use them for?

Credits are a form of virtual currency that you can apply to your own images. If you put 100 Credits onto your image, 100 people will see it. If you put 10,000 Credits onto an image, 10,000 users will see it and so on. Users will have to swipe through your images.

  • Will other users be able to see my images if I don't apply Credits?

No! You must apply Credits to your images for them to be seen.

  • What's the maximum amount of people that can see my images?

The sky is your limit!

  • How do I comment, share, save or flag an image?

Simply 'tap' the image on the swiping page, and the 4 options will appear.

  • Why can I only swipe through 25 images a day?

For now, users are limited to 25 swipes a day whilst Frive grows. The opportunity to do more swipes per day may be available in the future. This will be available to users who continuously use Frive on a daily basis.


  • How do I get vouchers?

Exchange the likes you receive on images for vouchers. Simply put Credits onto images and other users will either like or dislike them. The likes you then receive can be exchanged for vouchers.

  • How are the voucher codes obtained?

Frive has entered into partnership with some of the worlds biggest brands. Most of the brands that we work with have provided exclusive voucher codes that are only available to users of Frive.

  • Can I use likes the same likes more than once?

No. If you have 100 likes and you choose a 20% discount voucher which costs 100 likes, you will then have 0 likes to use.

  • Do I need to refer someone to Frive before getting vouchers?

Some vouchers may require a referral before they can be redeemed.

  • How do I refer someone?

Tell someone about Frive, and when they sign up ensure that they use your username in the sign up process. The referral will then be added to your account.